tickOPD is a maintenance and materials management consulting and technical services company that provide end-to-end solutions.

tickOPD provides high quality of services to clients in sectors like Oil, Gas, Power, Petrochemical and Utility Industries.

tickOPD combines the breadth and depth of engineering expertise with the latest trends in information technology that adds value to our clients

tickOPD develops custom tools and practices that help customers improve their operations and productivity.

tickOPD takes pride in the technical expertise and project management experience of its team. Our senior project managers have the experience of managing trans-national, multi-discipline, multi-generation teams.

OPD- Vision, Mission and Values:

Create value to our customers and become a reliable partner in their success and growth.

OPD’s mission is to provide professional maintenance / high-end materials management solutions that will increase our clients’ profitability and competitive position by improving the plant availability, reliability, maintainability, and by reducing the life cycle cost of their assets.

The key to our past and future success are our values. Our values are reinforcement of who we are and how we perform.

We strive to establish partnership with our clients, and OPD could be viewed as an extension of their internal team.

We insist that all our employees work professionally with the utmost integrity.

We promote an entrepreneurial atmosphere, encouraging our employees and our clients to apply technology to remain lean and competitive, always promoting growth and increasing efficiency.

We view every client’s request as an opportunity to develop long-term relationship by extending our expertise, training and reskilling client’s team to enhance and sustain in-house capabilities.