We provide strategic and professional corrosion advisory services, corrosion consultancy, in-house training, corrosion diagnosis, corrosion failure analysis, and comprehensive related array of services including third-party review of designs, drawings and technical specifications to identify potential corrosion risks, the compatibility of materials, the forms of corrosion and their mitigation.

 Preparation and review of FEED documents for surface production facilities
 Preparation and review of MSD for surface production facilities
 Risk based inspection solutions to new and existing process plants
 Design and develop Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and integrity management programs
 In-service inspection of static equipment like pressure vessels, heat exchangers, storage tanks and piping
 Review of vendor documents of static equipment, rotating equipment and piping:
• Design and drawings pertaining to pressure vessels, heat exchangers, storage tanks etc.
• QAP and ITP for shop fabricated heavy equipment as well as for plant and offsite piping at construction sites
• NDT procedures namely RT, UT, MPT and LPT
• PWHT and HT procedures based on technical specifications and code requirements
 Corrosion mitigation solutions for new projects
 Design of corrosion circuits for all types of process
 Expert advisory support in inspection and corrosion for insurance audits and claim settlements
 In-house training programs on inspection & corrosion knowledge management
 Development of in-house Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) based on international standards
 Third party inspection services
 Development of information management for planning, scheduling, and integrating inspection & corrosion
 Development of database for consequence of failures and cause-effect diagrams
 Assistance to clients to frame scope of inspection and corrosion management services for refurbishment / new
 Development of client-specific software modules for inspection and corrosion.
 Development/enhancement of software systems for existing applications used in inspection and corrosion data