The need for knowledge retention and harvesting is a global issue. Many organizations are realizing the untapped value in their organizational knowledge, and implementing programs of Knowledge Management to release that value.All around the world, experienced people are retiring or leaving, and their knowledge, often crucial to the success of the organization, is leaving with them.Continuous improvement in business operations requires that learning from current and past projects are captured and passed on to future projects. We can help you design a cost-effective knowledge management system by working hand-in-hand with your resources and help in knowledge retention, knowledge reuse, and reduce the risk of crucial knowledge loss.

 Devise strategy for knowledge management initiatives
 Documenting process flow
 Capturing and documenting know-how and knowledge
 Organizing knowledge documents for easy and quick retrieval
 Updating and revising knowledge documents
 Monitoring and evaluation of knowledge assets and related processes
 Induction, training, and mentoring of new recruits
 KPI design and execution services