Our team can perform the required integrated pre-commissioning support services that will help clients to reduce
manpower requirements and logistical costs which, in turn, can help enhance project safety performance, reduce the critical path schedules and overall project costs.
The Pre-commissioning and Commissioning Services includes the following:

 Preparation of punch lists for mechanical completion
 Preparation of pre-commissioning / commissioning methods statements and procedures
 Inspection of static equipment prior to Box-up
 P & ID Check
 Verification of equipment against data sheets and project specifications
 Preparing the spade register and other temporary facilities
 Line flushing / draining / blowing / drying / leak Test
 Pickling and passivation or chemical circulation
 Calibration of instruments and loop checking
 Refractory drying for fired heaters
 Alignment check for rotary equipment
 Running in for rotary equipment and checking bearing temperature, vibration and performance
 Catalyst loading
 Safety valves testing and certification
 Co-ordination with vendor specialists
 Nitrogen purging / air freeing